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17. Jänner 2012

Weekly Status Report, W02/2012

Here's a short summary of Mozilla-related work I've done in week 02/2012 (January 9 - 15, 2012):
  • Mozilla work / crash-stats:
    Filed a bug on investigating why Flash hangs less in Firefox 10. It's awesome that we improved, but we would be happier knowing why we did.
    Filed another bug on some libxul addresses never being resolved as prefixlisting libxul can only be a wallpaper, the real bug lies deeper.
    Chimed in on another skiplist request that has different causes.
    Worked on new custom reports for startup crashes and per-device crash lists, which basically work now.
    In that work, found a configuration change that threatened our custom reports and dealt with it (I'm now setting umask in my reports directly, not in the crontab).
    Followed the Socorro 2.4 release work and deployment, which caused a dip in crash numbers on Friday, but it's better to have that now than somewhere near to a release where we need reliable stats every day.
    As usual, watching new/rising crashes, caring that bugs are filed where needed.
  • SeaMonkey:
    Followed our Parallels host going down unexpectedly and doing it again, this might be once again related to this virtualization solution not working well with overcommitting.
  • Various Discussions/Topics:
    Fennec UA, "image-suck", testing OpenGL layers again and still seeing problems, my tablet being repaired and on its way to me again, etc.

I've seen that my previous work style created a lot of personal stress so I'm now trying a variation to try and deal with it somewhat (fitting with my post on change) and try to do fixed work times every day to see if that reduces the stress potential. For now, I'll try to work from noon to 9pm every work day (with an hour in between for a meal and grocery shopping), though I'll probably be somewhat flexible about that, so I can make some evening appointments at some days or be able to have some late meetings sometimes. Still, it centers around fixed times and I'm setting an alarm to get up everyday. I hope this more regular schedule helps me somewhat. We'll see. :)

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