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No more weekly status reports

My stability tracking role at Mozilla recently has been slightly modified to be more tied in with release management, which brought some additional item onto my plate, a lot of that being some sorts of bug triage.

That also required me to rethink some other things I'm doing, and for that, I saw I couldn't make the time to do a weekly status update blog post any more. Also, the original incentive to start hose posts was that I considered myself funded by the community in the model I had some years ago and felt I need to report to the community what I'm doing for that - for almost two years now, I have been funded by Mozilla instead, and I'm accountable to my manager anyhow, and as we're restructuring how contractors are managed, I probably will have some more formalities there as well. All in all, the original incentives aren't there any more and the report have become pretty dull for some time anyhow, so I'm stopping them now.

I will do small posts more often on interesting things I work on and other thoughts I have - and I hope I even get to a larger post every now and then, but my time for stuff like that is very limited nowadays.

Of course, I'll also keep posting interesting snippets to Disapora*. :)

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