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Being born on a 13th (just like my brother), I've always considered the number 13 as somewhat of a "lucky number" for myself. And today, it's been 13 years since I started contributing to Mozilla!

It's been an interesting ride for sure so far, as a localizer, theme designer, build patch contributor, project leader/coordinator/manager, even JS/XUL author, add-on and web app developer, and nowadays paid-by-Mozilla contributor in stability tracking - just to name a few of the main things.

In those 13 years, Mozilla has changed my life, and enabled me to make a living out of idealism. It's crazy and awesome at the same time, or, I guess, actually crazy awesome! ;-)

And now, we're looking forward to achieve great things in "the year 13" that's upcoming in just a few weeks, and where we'll be trying to deliver on the momentum we built in 2012 and even ship phones that make "the web is the platform" literally true with Firefox OS!

I'm excited to have been in this community for such a long time of thirteen years and to continue strong in being part of this great project - and looking forward to making things "moar awesome" in two-thousand-and-thirteen!

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Ioana Chiorean

aus Cluj, Romania

And hope you'll celebrate many more!
19.12.2012 12:48

Antoine Turmel

aus France

OCool !
Congrats :) Looking forward meeting you in next MozCamp !
21.12.2012 18:23

Matjaž Horvat

You’re having a great impact on Mozilla, Kairo. Keep it up!
21.12.2012 18:38

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