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March 9th, 2007

feeds available for this blog

OK, after some more work, this blog is available through RSS and Atom feeds (Firefox and IE7 users should see the feed icon popping up, SeaMonkey users with the link toolbar enabled should see them listed there under "More > Other Versions" (from the blog overview page).

Once I have the tagging system in place, there will be filtered feeds available that list only certain tags and/or languages. For now, the feeds just list the articles the blog overview page carries - the RSS feed has subjects and links, the atom feed includes the full articles as well.

I probably should try to get the blog syndicated on some planet sites now :)

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Firefox marketing is not worth my time

OK, looks like what I did blog a few hours ago is obsolete now. :(

Asa Dotzler points out that the word of the Firefox marketing manager and a MoFo employee aren't worth as much as I'd like: "The upgrade path for the Mozilla Suite is Firefox. This was decided years ago and has not changed."
In this case, I'd rather leave those people with a scarily insecure Mozilla 1.x with their suite than to work on Firefox-only marketing.

It would have been nice to give those people a real choice. But it seems the time is not ready for giving them such a choice.

"The mission of the Mozilla project is to preserve choice and innovation on the Internet."
How bitter this can sound in a world where Mozilla doesn't even want to give people the choice between software created within the Mozilla family. I had a quite high opinion of Asa at times, but such statements don't fit with that. I may have to re-think this one.

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