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December 15th, 2008

Mozilla, SeaMonkey 2, Visions, And Beyond?

Yes, I'm watching NASA TV often enough by video stream that the mission of going "to the moon, Mars, and beyond" is hammered deeply enough into my head that anything with a "beyond" outlook reminds me of it.

As an IRC talk mentioned looking for speakers for a possible Mozilla event in Berlin, I was reminded of my previous post on 2009 talks and figured I shouldn't only contact the travel agency for booking a flight and hotel for FOSDEM (which is early in February this time!), but also make my talk plans more concrete.

I just just signed up on the FOSDEM 2009 session proposal with a talk title of "SeaMonkey 2 and the vision beyond", and I'm planning on not only presenting what SeaMonkey 2.0 has to offer, but also where the project is headed in the longer term, I hope to have a public version of the SeaMonkey vision by then.

For Linuxwochen in Vienna (April 2009), I'm planning to go more general and talk about something like "The Open Internet and Mozilla" or so (anyone having a better idea for the title?), presenting mainly on what we understand as the open Internet, why it is important, what our goals are, what we are doing ourselves to move all this forward, and what others can do for the open Internet. This includes the Mozilla Manifesto and probably the 2010 goals in some way, as well as some small peeks on our products and some way of challenges for the audience to be part of the movement. Maybe some ideas of the great Clay Shirky talk from the Web 2.0 Expo in April 2008 could help there as well.

This second talk is quite different from all I've ever done before, as it's not just about the work I've been in all the time, but I think I know all the topics quite well and it's what we really need to get out to the public, to those who are not yet in our community.

Any suggestions, tips, comments?

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NSID: Wasn't This About Freedom?

You might have heard about NSID by now and have read johnath's preamble to it's current invocation.

Now, since I read that post, I've been thinking if I should join that movement this year. After all, I also resonate with:
Quote of johnath:
[...] people everywhere who think ideas like "freedom" and "adventure" are more than just words. People who think that it is the duty of a responsible citizenry to resist injustice, and to throw off the shackles of polite society when they reach too far into our world, when they transgress too much.

But then, I don't usually shave off most of my facial hair anyway, they only thing I'm doing is confine it to a decent area and not let it grow too long overall, but that's it. I happened to do that on the last day of November, so it still sounded like I could at least take part in not even doing that in December. Doesn't look that different after 15 days that usually:

Image No. 20645

It feels somewhat different though ;-)

But then, I don't feel the kind of freedom I'd be supposed to. My pictures (OK, the one in this post is the first one) are not up on the NSID website, and no comments from me do appear there.

Why is that?

Let's just say I never came around to create a Flickr or twitter account, for whatever reasons. And then I thought if I should create those just for NSID - and started to wonder:
Is it the target of a "freedom" campaign to force you into using two special, proprietary services? How does vendor-lock-in fit with "throwing off the shackles" of anything, actually? If it's really about freedom, shouldn't I be free to decide where to publish my pictures and comments, just like the open web, email or the blogosphere allow us all to? Shouldn't I be able to decide to publish it on my own resources, without handing my credentials to some specific service out there?

Wasn't this all about some kind of freedom?

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