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December 30th, 2008

Weekly Status Report, W52/2008

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 52/2008 (December 22 - 28, 2008):
  • Releases:
    I continued uploading contributed SeaMonkey 1.1.14 builds as they came in.
  • Automated Tests:
    Right before the holidays, I tried to make all SeaMonkey tinderbox columns green and fixed a SeaMonkey test failure by moving a test into Firefox-specific code as well marking the correct test parts "todo" in another test. That worked fine, but just as I checked in those, Marco from the places team checked in a patch that caused a different test to fail on SeaMonkey as we don't implement the "private browsing" feature on the product side (yet).
  • Password Manager:
    Mark posted a new WIP patch for the switch of mailnews to the toolkit login manager, replacing the old, unmaintained xpfe wallet code that both Thunderbird and SeaMonkey still use for password management.
    Following up on that, I worked on dusting off and unbitrotting the SeaMonkey switchover patches we had waiting for some time. Things seems to be working fine locally, so expect the patches to appear on the bug soon.
  • German L10n:
    Landed some updates for the German ChatZilla L10n in both hg repositories.
  • Various Discussions:
    Toolbar customization, tabmail and tabbrowser, etc.

I spent most of this week without a computer or Internet at all, during the holidays I didn't turn the laptop on in 4 complete days, with "only" 1.5 hours of checking email on a 5th day, so naturally I didn't get much stuff done for SeaMonkey. On the other hand, I could "recharge my batteries" having some fun time with my parents, brother and friends, so I should have even more energy for doing work now - I hope you all had a chance to regain energy this way as well.
And, adding to all the joy: Congratulations to our SeaMonkey team member Justin and his fiancée on having their first child!

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