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July 17th, 2010

GSoC: MailNews Sync

As Harini's blog doesn't get syndicated on Planet Mozilla, I think it might be a good idea to repeat here what she's posted in time for midterm evaluations in her Google Summer of Code project (which I'm proud to be able to mentor):
Quote of Harini Sirisena:
I have packaged the MailNews sync engine into an xpi file and uploaded it to the mailnews sync project site ( It requires Firefox Sync 1.4 ( to work (it is basically an extension of an extension!). The MailNews Sync extension currently syncs status, flag and tag data of Feed and Newsgroup items between different SeaMonkey instances.

Anyone interested in synchronizing their feed and newsgroup metadata between different installations of at least SeaMonkey, possibly Thunderbird (not sure what she could make work there), please test this add-on and let Harini and me know how well it works, how it can be improved, and other other feedback you have on that!

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January 21st, 2008

kill-mork and kill-RDF ideas

I've just read an interesting blog post about rewrites in MailNews, which would improve both Thunderbird and SeaMonkey by replacing very long-lived, historically grown, patched and hacked interfaces in the mail and news code by interfaces that cleanly apply to present architecture and are again open for relatively clean additions in the future. This doesn't mean the current code was that bad at the time it was created, it was made for the state of mailnews in those times, and those times being almost 10 years ago (early Mozilla code) or even before (code we inherited from Netscape) clearly explains why things like message tags or feed account types require some sort of hacks to apply cleanly to the old code. Also message meta info being stored at folder (newsgroup) level instead of account level means that it's e.g. hard to mark cross-posted message read in multiple newsgroups. A side effect of those reworks is also that old storage formats like Mork databases and RDF datasources can be replaced by more modern backends like the SQLite-backed mozStorage mechanism.

Joshua Cranmer, who wrote the blog post I cited above, is currently trying to get a picture of where we want to end up with such rewrites, how we can get rid of Mork ("kill-mork" work) and many RDF usages ("kill-RDF" work), and how to design interfaces in a way that they are fit for future enhancements.
When the picture gets clearer, he intends to work on kill-mork tasks in address book first, from what I read.

I am looking forward to seeing this work evolve, I think it could improve some of the code areas that many people are unwilling to touch because of their historically grown clumsiness - and in open source, it's always bad if people refrain to touch code because they don't fully understand it.

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