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The (Never?)Ending Typeaheadfind Story

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from US

The Firefox find-as-you-type isn't bad. Certainly more annoying things made their way into SeaMonkey 2.0 alpha 1 (*ahem* the blocked popups message). And the Firefox way has the advantage of being able to edit its contents easily. I say if the maintenance of the current code is too much, maybe it would be best to go ahead and just use Firefox's code.
2008-11-04 22:55


from USA

Find-as-you-type is one of the main features I like about SeaMonkey. I don't like the Firefox find-as-you-type nearly as much, but would rather have that than nothing. It's really quite painful to start typing in the latest SeaMonkey nightly builds and then remember that it doesn't work.
2008-11-07 07:27


from usa

Seamonkey FAYT
May I add my vote? I am just a user... unfortunately not a developer... but I am completely addicted to find-as-you-type the way it works in Seamonkey up through 1.9. I've just tried out the 2.02 alpha build and... well, searching for what happened to FAYT brought me to this forum.

I really like the way it works in previous Seamonkey, using space in the status bar rather than a popup or additional line at the bottom of the window. Totally convenient, totally unobtrusive. I tried FF and didn't like the way it works there. As for discoverability... well, I discovered it. I'm no super-geek. If there is an option in the preferences menu that looks interesting, I'm going to investigate it. That is discoverable enough.

One really strong vote from a long-time user to bring it back. Please.
2008-11-08 02:51


from California

I find the Firefox FAYT to be acceptable. For people who are annoyed by the additional interface perhaps it could be displayed in the status bar or not at all via options. If the Firefox UI is adopted I suggest adding text on the FAYT bar that lets you know that F3 will find the next instance and SHIFT-F3 the previous (more feature discoverability than Firefox, hehehe). Or there could be "Previous (F3)" and "Next (SHIFT-F3)" buttons but that might not work out as the FAYT bar could go away just as someone tries to click.
2008-11-14 09:47


Die, notification bar DIE!
The former probably could be addressed with a pref and some coding if wanted, the latter was actually an intentional decision: If the bar would open at the top of the content part of the window, Firefox devs said it would push content down, and moving content is a bad experience. Now they did implement moving content with notification bars, but even there it's suboptimal.

I totally agree on that notify-bars, I hate them! That moving of the webpage one is viewing is really awful, please keep it away from SeaMonkey as much as possible.
2008-11-24 15:42

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