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Weave is Firefox is SeaMonkey is...

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Tony Mechelynck

from Brussels, Belgium

It's being called Weave all over the place, but apparently the «official name» the PR guys bestowed on it is not Weave but Firefox Sync. Why couldn't they call it Weave? Another confusing move, and not new either: once upon a time, everyone used to call the Suite Seamonkey (with a small m) but the People in Power insisted that its rightful name was the Mozilla Suite.
2010-05-21 07:34


from Colombo, Sri Lanka

Totally agree! The name change really is very confusing! It's so silly to ask Seamonkey users to install Firefox-Sync.

One option would be to turn Seamonkey weave sync support into a separate extension(one that requires Firefox-Sync), name it whatever (i kind of like the name 'Sweet Sync' which is derived from 'Suite Sync'!:D) and have Firefox Sync automatically install whenever SS is installed in Seamonkey. This way it will be possible to adopt Firefox Sync functions to Seamonkey and have new Seamonkey sync functions as well.

Adding Seamonkey sync functions to 'Firefox Sync' code just doesn't make sense..
2010-05-21 20:28


My 2 cents.
I think everyone who uses a Mozilla app besides Firefox could quite easily cope with it being called Mozilla Sync. Alias it Firefox Sync for the favorite child and nobody gets hurt (Except whoever has to upload the extension twice with the two names). I guess the alternative is to build the "NameZilla API" that allows you to tweak the extension name based on the Mozilla app name. So you could search extensions for Mozilla Sync, Seamonkey Sync, or Firefox sync and you would get the same app. I suppose a "short app name string" and an "app creature string" with the defaults being "Mozilla" and "Zilla" that you could inject into your app name would probably work for most cases. ForecastMonkey, ForecastZilla, ForecastFox could all be easily doable from one extension. Kind of feels like over-engineering but it would just be a kind of "localization" per app.
2010-05-23 20:38

Gervase Markham

Hi Kairo,

I think the non-Firefox projects should get together and decide: do they want to call it <productname> Sync, or stick with Weave Sync or Mozilla Sync for all the non-Firefox products? I'm sure either would be fine. You have to call it something, after all! :-)

I'd have argued for Mozilla Sync for the whole thing, including Firefox - primarily because I think we want to be encouraging people to talk about Mozilla values, of which privacy in services is a big one. But I guess the decision is made now.

2010-05-24 11:58



Gerv, I fully agree with you here - but then, my hope is that this code will get integrated into the platform already in the 1.9.3 cycle and therefore ultimately save us the branding headache altogether. ;-)
2010-05-24 17:28


from munich

Seamonkey Sync?
yes, oh yes (to quote Molly Bloom), because
a) Im a sucker for alliterations
b) it has the same lilting ring to it as Fly baby fly
c) Wth, why not?

to adress c) myself: the situation is pretty similar as in the case of say VW product line: Octavia is produced using the same design and machinery as Golf, but it´s not ... Golf (besides its considerably cheaper, so cant be the same right?)

So, why not? Brand this, brand that - eventually we´ll all end up yet again with some server holding our vital information - very nicely encrypted,to be fair -. Whatever the brand of the client software.


2010-05-29 16:18

Justin Wood (Callek)

If we must choose something to name 'it', I'm with Gerv in that "Mozilla Sync" is probably better than "SeaMonkey Sync". *BUT* if Thunderbird PR/Drivers would rather "Thunderbird Sync" instead of "Mozilla", then for "consistency" (ha!) we should go with "SeaMonkey Sync".
2010-05-30 07:28

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