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Data Manager Feature Complete

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So what makes this problem happen? I'd be very interested to get a lead on it and fix it, but fixing something one can't reproduce or know how it happens is very hard. :(
2010-07-14 02:40


from USA

Possible Feature
While this new interface is very slick, I can definitely see the advantage of being able to narrow the list of sites down to only those that have the kind of data you're looking for saved.

So here's my idea: When you click on a tab (ex: Passwords) the list of sites on the left limits itself to only those that have passwords saved (plus the one you have highlighted, if there are no passwords saved for it -- alternatively the tab could be grayed out if there are no passwords saved for a site).

If you then switch to a different site you remain in the Passwords tab so that you're still viewing the subset of sites that have passwords saved.

This (or something similar) would promote access to useful data and prevent repeated navigational dead ends as users wade through (typically) large numbers of sites that only have cookies saved.
2010-07-28 16:12


from Paris

Existing managers obsolete? Not IMHO
I use de password manager de same way that Tony Mechelynck.

I like the idea of I.R.

What I propose is to be able to select more than one domain (or to have a way to select them all).
So it while be possible to see all passwords saved (for example).
2010-11-04 16:46

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