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Ending Development and Support for My Add-ons

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2015-08-24 17:14

Giorgio Maone

from Palermo, Italy

"The ability to write add-ons that can use those to do anything in Firefox, including prototyping and inventing new functionality and UI paradigms, is the main thing that sets Firefox apart product-wise from all its competitor."

This is my exact feeling and the rationale behind this proposal, which has good chances to be accepted, even if modified and refined:

Care to comment there?
2015-08-25 00:06


Tahoe Data Manager & FF Add-ins
Agree with virtually all you posted re Mozilla direction. I used SeaMonkey for ~5 years, switching back to FF last year. The first difference I noticed and addressed was the absence of (Tahoe) Data Manager. That extension was/is part of my critical browser privacy portfolio of add-ons, along with AdBlockPlus, NoScript, RequestPolicy, BetterPrivacy, HTTPSEverywhere, and PrivacyBadger (yes, I am paranoid - but am I paranoid enough?). It appears that BetterPrivacy (LSO monitoring) is having issues with FF 42, and could be on its last legs. I guess that NoScript may persist because of its popularity, and possibly the EFF-sponsored add-ons as well, but the remaining proven, privacy-related extensions could all be in jeopardy. Sadly, I am more than ready to completely abandon Mozilla products on the basis of that organization's callousness to user privacy; all that is stopping me is finding a browser that is and will likely remain better in that respect.

2015-11-19 13:23


I am very upset with the fact that Tahoe Data Manager for Firefox is not developed anymore. It is partially broken on FF 42 (not sure about 40-41), but the main thing – removing cookies individually – still works.

To VinnyG: Try Policeman instead of RequestPolicy. IMO, it's much better than RP – Policeman is able to do everything that RP and even more (and that part is the best).
2015-11-23 17:44



Quote of Guest:
I am very upset with the fact that Tahoe Data Manager for Firefox is not developed anymore.

The code is open, feel free to take over development and maintenance.
2015-12-16 17:13