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My Thoughts on Next-Generation Themes




My Thoughts on Next-Generation Themes

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2016-11-11 18:26


When I was a Opera (Presto) user I liked a lot its mechanisms of "fallback" when I made my own themes, toolbars and menus. You simply specify what you want different from the default, and that's all. Everything else was taken from the defaults files. I don't know the Mozilla architecture, but I hope it is (or will be) the same as I described, because using it was really a joke for creating and for maintaining :)

However, if I can make another suggestion, themes should be able to customize even extensions' icons, since nowadays (sadly) most of the features are achieved through them and it's not very pleasant for the eyes viewing thousands of different styles/colors/sizes/etc all together. If I could create a simple theme in witch I specify my own icons for every extension (without the need to hack the extension itself) I would be a lot more happy... and if an extension is not installed simply that customization is not used at all, without any consequence.
2016-11-11 21:04

Ben Bucksch

Exactly that
Your ideas for new Firefox theming architecture are exactly right. That's *precisely* what we need.

It shows that you speak from long-term practice in the matter. Mozilla, please implement it exactly as he said.
2016-11-11 21:09