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Celebrating LCARS With One Last Theme...




Celebrating LCARS With One Last Theme Release

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2017-07-17 22:19

Takeshi Kinami

Much appreciated!
I've been using this theme for more than 10 years--it's always been my favorite.
Any chance you'd adapt it for the Palemoon browser's add-ons site? They still support complete themes, and PM is now my main browser.
2017-09-25 01:14



Thanks for the support. I will not put anything on PaleMoon's add-ons site, no, I'm done with developing full themes on this site and I'm looking forward to the future, putting my energy into more forward-thinking projects, not in backwards-oriented projects like Pale Moon and others that try to stop the time rather than help building an exciting new future (which is what LCARStrek was always about).

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2017-10-31 18:25


from Argentina

A clarification about Pale Moon
KaiRo, before underestimating Pale Moon by considering it as a second-hand browser or "legacy", you should read and especially
2017-12-11 09:04

Louis Wu

Have to second that. Pale Moon isn't primitive. It isn't static. It is committed to not breaking other people's work without need. Best browser out there for linux. YMMV.
2018-02-13 08:18

Louis Wu

It would be nice if you could publish all the older versions. The old versions on (actually hosted on don't seem to go back too far. I still may be able to finagle one into working. Probably a lot of the Lcars fans are people like me with less common types of color vision (color blindness is very much a misnomer for us - we see as many colors as anyone - we just see them differently). So for people desperately squinting at this page through bleeding eyeballs, try this with Pale Moon:
Reverse the black and white settings in content, colors.
"In the Dark"
"Page Colors and Fonts Buttons"
"Theme Tweaker"
2018-02-13 08:34