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The Neverending Question of Login...




The Neverending Question of Login Systems

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2016-10-03 20:26


from Sweden

It's very sad indeed. I really liked the simplicity and the commitment to privacy.

My use case doesn't require very frequent logins, so I will probably use a passwordless solution sending emails, but it sure is annoying.
2016-10-04 22:37

Dan Callahan

Working on a Persona successor
Several folks have been hacking on a spiritual successor to Persona at that might be of interest -- we should be ready to publicly launch next week. We're explicitly targeting small, independent websites. This needs to be small, simple, and self-hostable by motivated hobbyists without a full-time Ops team.

The idea is to (eventually) have a federated protocol that lets domains auth their own users, in-browser, just like Persona, but to fall back to an email confirmation loop when that's not available. And, of course, Gmail gets special-case treatment because they're too large to ignore, the jerks.

The design document has a little more information on how this all works.
2016-10-20 16:14

Niels Huylebroeck

It's surrounded by a bit of controversy but the ideas proposed in the SQRL draft sound like it has a nice mix of security and usability.

Worth taking a more investigative look at I suppose.
2017-01-27 10:58