Photo gallery of 2007-09-21, created by KaiRo


The original brine shrimp pets, bred by a SeaMonkey engineer!

Image No. 17097
Day 1: Sea-Monkeys set with water purifier applied
Image No. 17098
Sea-Monkeys set at a SeaMonkey engineer's desk ;-)
Image No. 17099
Day 2: "instant live eggs" added
Image No. 17100
Day 4: a first look at a living, ~1mm long Sea-Monkey
Image No. 17101
Day 4: The small dots are Sea-Monkeys! (the even smaller ones probably food or such)
Image No. 17102
Day 4: 3 Sea-Monkeys are visible in the zoomed out shot
Image No. 17103
Day 4: another Sea-Monkey, ~1mm long
Image No. 18337
6-month-old Sea-Monkey, 1-1.5 cm long
Image No. 18338
6-month-old Sea-Monkeys (female with egg sac in the magnification area)
Image No. 18339
6-month-old Sea-Monkeys (femals with egg sac at the right)
Image No. 18340
6-month-old Sea-Monkey, trying to fan food up from the aquarium bottom (this is just after stirring up the whole tank, so lots of stuff is floating)