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March 12th, 2009

Auto-Update Fun

I just realized that my SeaMonkey download stats page didn't count auto-update downloads for 2.x version but only those for the normal download links.

When I looked at the original data and included the auto-uploads in my lists, numbers jumped up significantly, as expected. So far, so good.

What makes me wonder though is that we had closely over 17k downloads of 2.0a1 but slightly over 22k auto-update downloads for 2.0a2 (next to nearly 15k normal downloads for that milestone). How can more people be automatically updated to the second alpha than those who downloaded the first milestone that supported this system at all?
That looks kinda strange to me, at least. The only explanation I find is that a significant number of people downloaded 2.0a1 over direct FTP but got served the auto-update via the official channels when we released 2.0a2.

In any case, once we sum up normal and auto-update downloads, 2.0a1 has more tracked downloads than 1.1a and 2.0a2 already overshot 1.1b, even though we are still in alpha stage.

And SeaMonkey 2 Alpha 3 had about 1.7k downloads per day in its first 8 days (a total of about 13.6k, 4.6k normal + 9k auto-update downloads) - not bad for an Alpha of a niche product, I think. ;-)

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