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March 3rd, 2009

SeaMonkey 2 Alpha 3 released!

I'm very excited to tell you all that we just have shipped SeaMonkey 2.0 Alpha 3.

This latest milestone ticks off a good number of features we wanted for SeaMonkey 2, the major ones being:
  • Places history, which switches the storage backend from mork to SQLite, makes us able to store a much larger amount of visited pages, and gives us the frecency-driven algorithm for autocomplete when typing in the location bar, searching in both URL and title (yes, that's what's attributed as "awesomebar" elsewhere).
  • New password manager, which also now uses SQLite for storage and increases the amount of code we share with other Mozilla products. It also avoids modal dialogs popping up in the face of users, using notifications bars and form autocomplete instead.
  • Browser toolbars are now fully customizable. This means that users can easily e.g. move the home button to the navigation toolbar, the throbber to the menubar, or the location bar to its own, new toolbar if wanted. Also, extensions can make their toolbarbuttons available for customization, so that the user can place them wherever he wants.
  • Session restore (crash recovery) has been added shortly before we wrapped up this milestone. When SeaMonkey crashes or needs to be restarted, say after installing an add-on, we restore all open browser windows and tabs now. Also, users can select to restore their previous open session on every launch.
There's many more noteworthy changes in this version though, as listed on the SeaMonkey Trunk Tracker.

Help us testing this alpha release, reporting bugs in Bugzilla and crashes through the included crash reporter tool - but keep in mind that this is a testing version that is not considered ready for production use yet, so make sure your profile data is available from a backup in case this version might screw up something.

That said, I hope this release shows off well where SeaMonkey 2 is going and will impress everyone out there who chooses to test it!

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