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September 23rd, 2010

Plugin Crash Protection in SeaMonkey!

Some of you might have heard of "Plugin Crash Protection" or "Out Of Process Plugins", a feature that made its Mozilla debut in Firefox 3.6.4 and runs browser plugins like Flash and Java in their own processes outside the browser process so that in case of a crash they don't take the whole browser with them.

Since today's nightly builds, this is available in SeaMonkey 2.1 as well. This means that you'll find "plugin-container" processes running when you're using the SeaMonkey browser, those are the processes in which the actual plugins run in. Also, it means that a crash in Flash code will not take down your browser or even mail component of SeaMonkey any more!

We'll make this feature, just like the faster JavaScript and the Data Manager, available for more wide-spread testing in early October in our first beta.

Happy browsing with SeaMonkey 2.1!

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