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September 6th, 2011

Weekly Status Report, W35/2011

Here's a short summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 35/2011 (August 28 - September 4, 2011):
  • Mozilla work / crash-stats:
    Some more wrestling with "featured" versions on the Socorro front pages and along with that, verifying some fixes that landed in a Socorro update.
    Ran my custom reports directly on the Mozilla server - at the end of the week even in a completely automated fashion.
    Created a first version of a per-component report but this will take some more work until it's really useful.
    Took part in some planning of crash-related sessions for the upcoming Mozilla all-hands meeting.
    Of course, continued to investigate "explosive"/rising crashes.
  • Themes:
    I worked on some first steps of updating EarlyBlue and LCARStrek for 2.4 versions, but there's more to be done there.
  • Various Discussions/Topics:
    DigiNotar incident, upcoming all-hands, German community meetup, mobile performance, "Highlighter" tool name, Web APIs, more Mozilla website merge fallout, maemo and Nightly, etc.

The security discussions around the DigiNotar stuff took a lot of time to read this week, but they taught two lessons, I think: 1) The CA model has serious problems in its design as it needs us to trust that CAs do the right thing and are not broken into, and 2) as long as we need that CA model, any CA that wants to keep their business running needs to immediately and fully disclose to the major browser vendors (i.e. the keepers of the CA root stores) when something goes wrong - if they fail to do that, consequences quickly need to run toward their complete exclusion, like it was in this case.

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September 1st, 2011

Weekly Status Report, W34/2011

Here's a short summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 34/2011 (August 22 - 28, 2011):
  • Mozilla work / crash-stats:
    More work with the Socorro team on fallout from their recent release and smaller things they can put into a minor update.
    Cared that all currently required versions are displayed on the Socorro front pages.
    Wrote up a blog post on why the rapid release process can improve stability once everything is rolling as smoothly as it should.
    Created reports on Flash report volume for Firefox 4 and higher, which are more helpful than looking across all versions.
    Copied over all my custom report data to a Mozilla server now that infrastructure should be there to also run my reports completely on that system.
    Also created a Mercurial repository for my custom report scripts to use that for working locally as well as run things on that server.
    As always, ran experimental reports on "explosive"/rising crashes and investigated interesting rising and new issues popping up in those.
  • SeaMonkey Build/Admin:
    I did all the manual work to put up automated 2.3.1 updates for 64-bit Linux, but the current DigiNotor "oilspill" situation will make it necessary for me to look into 2.3.3 updates soon.
  • Themes:
    I did some more work on EarlyBlue and LCARStrek and uploaded 2.3 versions to AMO, which have all changes to supports SeaMonkey 2.3 and for LCARStrek Firefox 6 as well as possible (and newer versions reasonably).
  • Various Discussions/Topics:
    Upcoming all-hands, German community meetup, mobile performance, different views of rapid release cyle, version numbering again, Web APIs, Mozilla website merge fallout, maemo and Nightly, etc.

This report arrives late mostly because I had a lot of read in the last days due to the DigiNotar incident, but also because I have been engaging in too many things outside my core work, which I now realized I cannot hold up that way. I will reduce my engagement in areas that are not essential to not make the list of "things I need to want to do" in my mind end up crushing even my health. I will continue doing those things where I can make a change - and my time allows for doing them.

Citing one of my favorite songs from the Zac Brown Band: "Save your strength for things that you can change, forget the one you can't - you gotta let it go."

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