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November 14th, 2012

Weekly Status Report, W44/2012

Here's a short summary of Mozilla-related work I've done in week 44/2012 (October 29 - November 4, 2012):
  • CSI:Mozilla / CrashKill:
    Filed a bug on sending an identifier with app crashes in B2G.
    Also filed a Flash beta crash.
    Discussed release channels for B2G and Socorro requirements.
    And we needed another Socorro data backfill, unfortunately.
    Added highlighting of the latest minor version of every Flash branch to the Flash hang overview reports.
    Also adjusted the limit values for the "Are We Stable Yet?" dashboard and converted some style attributes to classes in my reports.
    Had a long discussion with bjacob on getting new fields into Socorro data. We should find a way to make it easy to get new fields added in a way that (at least custom) reports can be generated against them, without using the mess that "App Notes" are right now.
    Followed the recent Flash crash spike.
    Did more monitoring of tracking+ crash bugs for 17.
    As usual, watched new/rising crashes, caring that bugs are filed where needed, and made sure my custom reports keep working well.
  • Web Apps:
    Fixed some glitches in the improvements to the Mandelbrot app, but there seems to still be an issue with appCache - on my otoro device, I don't see the main index.html getting refreshed and so the app stops working.
    I also did quite a few updates to Lantea Maps, but now the map tiles seem to not load when appCache is active. Somehow I have a feeling that our techniques for offline apps are not working as well as they should.
  • Various Discussions/Topics:
    B2G testing, Marketplace URL and branding strategies, etc.

Due to my traveling to London for MozFest, I completely missed making this report public even though I had finished it up before. Will follow up with a report for last week soon. :)

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