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August 30th, 2007

Watch out for SeaMonkey on Air Mozilla!

You might know Air Mozilla, the Internet broadcast show of Mozilla, featuring "live and pre-recorded shows, interviews, news snippets, tutorial videos, and features about the Mozilla community" (quote from their website).
The first two shows, which are available for viewing and for download from their website featured interesting live interviews of "Chief Lizard Wrangler" Mitchell Baker and other Mozilla Corporation people in Mountain View as well as clips from other Mozilla Corporation offices (e.g. in Canada and Japan) and from the Firefox Flicks contest.

While very interesting, this was, probably as expected, very much about Firefox and/or the Mozilla Corporation. But this will change - at least somewhat: A few weeks ago I was contacted by the main producer of the media content, who happens to be a native Austrian living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. And today, as he is here for visiting his old home country, he stopped by for an interview about SeaMonkey!

We tried to find some place typical for Vienna to record at, but unfortunately all those cool places like Schönbrunn with its parks are bad for recording a video interview when it's raining, so we decided to go for a typical indoor location, like, say, a Café (you know, Vienna's known for its Cafés and apparently this place was the first to be known for mixing milk and sugar into people's coffee). And so we ended up in... a Starbucks. Real Austrian heritage. :P But then, this is about an international project with a strong center in the US, right? :)

I tried to tell something interesting about SeaMonkey - I hope I didn't mess up too much... See and hear for yourself in one of the next Air Mozilla episodes!

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