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March 7th, 2012

Political Views

I just read a couple of messages about people shooting down a post about one community member's political views on Planet Mozilla.

I'm shocked once again how everything not conforming to "elite" far-left-wing views is being seen as rude, backwards, and unacceptable.

This is one reason why I post less and less in public at all about my personal views, as due to often not conforming with what is seen as being "cool" and "hype" in the left-wing standards apparently being in place widely both in the country I live in and the communities I tend to be part of online, I tend to get bombarded with negative statements every time I open my mouth about anything except my work.

Being open is to a large degree about accepting that other people have different views, even on controversial topics, tolerating their views, and requiring other people to change those to be able to work in the same community with them.
Unfortunately, it's is often those who insist most to call themselves "open" who seem to not be able to accept that.

That's what I find most sad about this discussion. Unfortunately it also means that people will not learn a lot about my personality on this blog - contrary to Gerv I don't have the stamina to be shot down on every controversial view I might take here (and note that I'll not even take a stand on either side of the topic he's writing about - I'll claim I know too little about the specific case to make any determination).

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