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March 28th, 2010

"Human-readable" Pushlog Feeds

As I'm trying to stay up-to-date with what's going on in the Mozilla source code, I've been reading bonsai in earlier times and them pushlog HTML pages (e.g. the mozilla-central page).

As my communication channels were growing and my becoming overwhelmed with the amount of things going on there as well as clicking around on HTML pages, I sometimes didn't look in for a day or two and couldn't remember where I stopped last time. Some day, and that was months ago, while thinking about this, I figured it would be much nicer if I could subscribe to that information in a feed reader and just mark read what I have seen. I had also figured that I'm faster reading/skimming through entries in SeaMonkey's feed reader than I am with reading HTML web pages.

So, after some weeks of thinking that it would be cool to do that, I finally went and wrote some PHP code that would get the info from, put it in a local MySQL DB on my server and present it to me as a feed I could subscribe to. After using this for some time and refining it a bit, I am not only up-to-date with what's happening in the repositories I want to track, but also feel confident that the system works well enough to have others use it as well. lists all the repositories I'm currently tracking there, with the repository names being linked to those new feeds, while the HTML link points to the pushloghtml page corresponding to this repository.

I intentionally didn't include the whole diff in the feed entry, it's being linked as the "article link", as I usually only want to look at the full patches quite rarely, but they are often quite large and I want to keep both the feed and what I pull from the hg server reasonably light in terms of traffic.
Also, the feeds are updates at most hourly - jobs for pulling new info are being set every hour, but the server lazily processes those jobs depending on the server load. And really, if you're looking at this too often, it probably distracts you from work anyhow. ;-)

If you have any suggestions for improvements, questions, or requests for other repositories to be added, please contact me.
Note though that this is my server and I created those feeds primarily for my own use - it's nice if they are helpful for others, but they most importantly need to fit my own use case.

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