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Firefox marketing is not worth my time

OK, looks like what I did blog a few hours ago is obsolete now. :(

Asa Dotzler points out that the word of the Firefox marketing manager and a MoFo employee aren't worth as much as I'd like: "The upgrade path for the Mozilla Suite is Firefox. This was decided years ago and has not changed."
In this case, I'd rather leave those people with a scarily insecure Mozilla 1.x with their suite than to work on Firefox-only marketing.

It would have been nice to give those people a real choice. But it seems the time is not ready for giving them such a choice.

"The mission of the Mozilla project is to preserve choice and innovation on the Internet."
How bitter this can sound in a world where Mozilla doesn't even want to give people the choice between software created within the Mozilla family. I had a quite high opinion of Asa at times, but such statements don't fit with that. I may have to re-think this one.

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I don't know, Asa did say that they could both be on the page, just that Firefox should be the more prominent one. It's not really such a big deal.

I think also that it needs to be made clearer the level of support of both browsers.
2007-03-13 10:33

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