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when spam is welcome (for a very short time)

I had an interesting experience this weekend: I actually was - to a certain part - happy about spam! How so?
Well, actually that was TrackBack spam on this blog - getting some of that proved that my support for TrackBack actually works (and probably that even bots can find my blog through Planet Mozilla).
Of course, anger about that spam wasn't far away - "Such a short time this is up and running and now the first spam arrives :( " - but I could stand it, given that I now know that apparently TrackBack is usable.

And, yes, I already implemented some simple spam prevention, the system now checks if the remote page contains one of the hostnames related to the blog. Checking for an actual link would probably be better, but for now, this should help to prevent most spam here (I hope).
And no, I don't need further spammers attacking this blog - one test cycle was enough :)

Entry written by KaiRo and posted on March 19th, 2007 17:01 | Tags: blog | no comments | TrackBack


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