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Dense schedule

I've been on a really dense schedule the last days, I hope I'll be able to clear up lots of things now that some bigs steps have been made.

I hoped we would have some time between new releases and the suiterunner switch, but reality wanted it otherwise. This way, both happened only a day apart, and on days where I was studying chemistry with a friend yesterday afternoon (and the day before) as she had an exam today, going out for my weekly Monday/Tuesday Karaoke nights, and having a meeting with my online gaming friends today evening, as well as the Mozpad meeting earlier this evening.

Still, I needed and could find the time to land the suiterunner switch yesterday (which included tree watching and fixups as well as eating dinner on my computer desk while doing that) and get the 1.1.2 (and 1.0.9) release out to the world today.

Ah, yes, right. That's what I wanted to tell you originally. SeaMonkey 1.1.2 is here.

We did a more eloquent announcement for it today, including a paragraph that once again should get the message of SeaMonkey as an upgrade path to Mozilla suite and Netscape 4/6/7 across.
I also did a German version of that message and mailed it out to more IT-related press contacts (in Germany and Austria) than I knew even a day ago. Thanks to #mozilla.de folks for helping me on finding those.

I also got some new download numbers of SeaMonkey, I will probably tell you about those tomorrow, I'm a bit tired right now (3am here in Europe). I probably should already be sleeping, but I still got to look if everything regarding the releases is working as it should and provide Camino folks with some pointer how they can switch over to toolkit as well (they're the last xpfe consumer left on trunk).

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