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Did I say "this week"?

Hmm, it looks like suiterunner will not land this week after all, we'll push this out to (hopefully early) next week to fix some problems with the new profile migrator (Mark is working hard on that). It would be nice if nightly testers can migrate their old SeaMonkey profiles to new (suiterunner) nightlies without too many problems - I guess most people won't do that migration too often. So better push out the switch a few days and make that process a bit smoother.
Maybe we get some word about Windows installer until then as well - it really looks like we will be going without an installer for a short period of time though, until the new NSIS installer can land (i.e. we hear some word of Rob or decide to land without review, which is also no good option).

Oh, and I'm away from my normal computer for the weekend, so I won't land anything, esp. not anything that big, until next week.

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