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Hawking escaping gravity

As a physics student and a space exploration fan, I can't help but giving this notable event some credit:

Stephen Hawking, the famous physicist, who did lots of work involving space phenomena and gravity, did get a bit nearer to space when he escaped gravity in a flight with a ZeroG plane that took off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center last week.
In this case, this was more a free fall than a space experience though, as that flight similar to what astronauts use for zero G training rises to very high altitude before dropping down in a sharp angle so that things and people inside begin floating in a free fall microgravity experience.
It's cool that someone with a serious disease like Prof. Hawking can do such things, and I really hope he can live to do a real suborbital spaceflight with Virgin Galactic in 2009, as he announced at his 65th birthday this year.

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Eric Shepherd

from Tennessee

I hope so too
I hope he gets to go into space too. After all his contributions to human understanding, it would be awfully nice to see.
2007-05-02 16:41

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