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SeaMonkey slowly rising on German project site

When blogging about old Mozilla suite users in March, I presented a few numbers of the www.seamonkey.at website, which is the center for German localized access to SeaMonkey info and downloads, and which contains the default start page for German localizations of SeaMonkey and Mozilla suite.

Since then, SeaMonkey numbers continued rising there, and Mozilla suite usage decreased significantly - and I did some graphs for stats of that page. Counting most hits on the page (this omits some design imagery that bypasses my CBSM system to improve performance), here are some current graphs, including complete April 2007:

Absolute numbers:
Image No. 15390

Image No. 15391

Note that any other than the 4 represented browsers are way below 1% and would only give flat lines at the bottom. (Oh, and in June 2006 I had some server problems, that's why absolute numbers did temporarily drop there.)

As you see, Mozilla suite is falling rapidly nowadays that they get scary warnings on their start page (at least in the German L10n), SeaMonkey is increasing well in percentage, but slowly in absolute numbers. As April has 30 days and March had 31, the actual increase is a bit better though, I calculated a 6% increase in daily average of SeaMonkey hits.

Breaking down Browser percentage by versions gives SeaMonkey 1.1.1 a lead with 20% of all site hits, followed by Mozilla 1.7.12 at 14% and 1.7.13 at 8.5% - older Mozilla suites continue to dominate the list: 1.7.3 6.5%, 1.7.5 4.4%, 1.7.11 3.9%, 1.6 3.7%, 1.7 2.8%, 1.7.8 2.6% - a lineup only broken by SeaMonkey 1.1 at 4.3% of all hits. Clearly turning on the update notification alert in SeaMonkey has made people more willing to upgrade to current versions than they were in Mozilla suite times without that alert. Still, summing up all 9 SeaMonkey 1.0.x versions leads to a significant number of 12.6%, so some people seem to have just turned off the notification, even more visible as 1.0.8, which came out when 1.1 was already available and at the same time as 1.1.1, only ranks with very low 0.31% of those hits - way behind Mozilla 1.5 or 1.4 and at the same level as Mozilla 1.2.1 (the last version that was available on MacOS 8/9)!

So, all in all, SeaMonkey's update notification is clearly helpful, old Mozilla suite is dropping, and SeaMonkey is slowly rising. We need to do better in getting 1.0.x users to upgrade to 1.1.x though, and we need to get more publicity overall so we get total hits statistics (SeaMonkey+Mozilla) to rise again, as they're currently decreasing significantly every month. Basically positive trends, but still a lot of work to do!

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