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Build system defaults to MOZ_XUL_APP now!

The SeaMonkey confvars.sh did only set MOZ_XUL_APP=1 for a very short time, as I just removed it again ;-)

As a matter of fact, after my checkin for bug 383112 that I just did, the configure script makes all applications built from mozilla.org trunk default to MOZ_XUL_APP=1, so they don't need to explicitely set this variable any more - just Camino does unset it (until that last user of xpfe gets converted).

Actually, we might near a world where this variable isn't needed at all any more, as everyone uses the same toolkit anyways. But for now, configure turns it on for everybody - once Camino doesn't have to unset it, we might be able to just kill all its appearances from the code step by step.

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