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The F-Word - or: Code is not Country Music

Some of you might know a song called "The F-Word", recorded by Hank Williams, Jr. and Kid Rock, which explains in all length that "in Country Music, you don't use the f-word", and yes, it's fun - esp. given how Kid Rock lyrics usually read :)
A bit more recently, there Jack Ingram's "Love You" that takes this cursing down a completely different path: "Love this mother-lovin' truck that keeps breakin' lovin' down / There's only one four-letter word that'll do: / Love you"
Nicely said ;-)

Still, that's music, that's lyrical art - and software source code is different.

When I read preed's article on Planet today and read this recent bug report, I couldn't help but burst out into a big "WTF?" myself. There are lots of hacks in our code, we sometimes suck, and can't get it to fuckin' work as it should - and this guy wants to put censorship on us instead of admitting in comments what's really happening in the code. This sounds plainly wrong to me.

When I looked into an older article about Netscape/Mozilla "censorship", I had a few good laughs though. See for example this one, from Netscape 3 (but apparently still present in 4.x):

lib/libmime/mimestub.c: Life kinda sucks, but oh well.

Given this is in libmime, and I heard enough talk about the suckiness of that lib, it's real fun to see this in a version of it - even though I don't know what it relates to.
Seeing "hack" used various times in security/ might make some people uncomfortable though... and // fucking idiot! in the same subdir might also not increase trust in this...

I guess it depends where you can use what words :P

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