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Break SeaMonkey at a pad near you!

For a long time, if you happened to encounter a crash on any Mozilla or Netscape release, the "Netscape Quality Feedback Agent" happened to pop up and you could send crash reports back to Mozilla. This agent was actually a license of the the proprietary "Fullcircle Talkback" product, which Netscape and later the Mozilla Foundation was allowed to use in a rebranded version, but only in their own products and without really changing the code.

Multiple problems came out of that, two being (in addition to the usual problems of products where you can't play with the source):
  1. Any build not made by the Mozilla Foundation can not use this tool, including SeaMonkey releases that are built on my private machines.
  2. The license prohibits anyone with access to the Talkback code to work on any similar tools, so most people who who wanted an open source tool as a replacement could not take part in developing one.
As our project got bigger, we finally found people who did want to work on this and didn't have Talkback source access, so they could start developing a replacement, and finally named this tool Breakpad (it's something like a pad to land safely on when the app breaks).

After Firefox has been using/testing the new framework for a while, SeaMonkey now has switched over Nightly builds from Talkback to Breakpad.
Starting with tomorrow, SeaMonkey nightlies should greet you with "Crash! Bang! Boom!" when it should crash, and you're able to send reports to the new servers Mozilla has for the new tool.
You can find the reported crashes and their info at http://crash-stats.mozilla.com/.

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