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My XULRunner Wishlist

As AllPeers, Mark Finkle and Songbird have all posted their wishlists for XULRunner's future, I think it's a good idea to throw mine in, in the light of possible Mozpad acitivities on such items.
Not that this is my personal view as a SeaMonkey and L10n contributor and no common view of the SeaMonkey project or the Mozilla L10n Project (MLP), though I'd guess that some of those items would be on the wishlists of multiple community members in those projects.

I think I have touched my main wishes here, others might still come up to my mind later, but I hope they're only smaller wishes ;-)

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I'm glad that at least you want a better KDE integration.

As a user I simply don't understand why the most used WM in Linux (every poll I read says it have between 55 to 75% of the users) appears to be ignored by most of the Mozilla developers.

For me a QT version or native widgets are not even necessary, all I want is this:

- A installer (even a GTK one) that ask user to install in it's home folder or as root to all users; a installer that creates icons in desktop and in K-Menu. Some one man made linux applications have this, why Mozilla ones can't?

- The applications need to be aware of KDE, they need to register themselves as the defaults (if the user wants), detect and use the other related softwares (like Kmail or Akregator) automatically.

- The KDE filepicker should be used when running KDE.

- Tray icon support, at least for mail applications.

Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english.
2007-07-14 18:35

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