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Releasing In 5th Gear

The Firefox team has released their security update well before schedule because of the firefoxurl: vulnerability that got much press attention, even though (or because) it is only partly the fault of Firefox's commandline handler, which they introduced for better Vista compatibility.

While SeaMonkey did not pick up that better Vista compatibility and has its rough edges on the new Microsoft OS because of that, our internet suite is also not vulnerable to that security issue. Still, Firefox and its Gecko core also features other security and stability fixes, and we also have a few small SeaMonkey-specific patches to ship.

All those get fixed with the SeaMonkey 1.1.3 release we published today. Trying to stay in sync with Gecko and Firefox made us go faster with this as we wanted, but we got some QA on all platforms due to our great community, and we could even include a late Mac fix that didn't make Firefox but decreased user experience somewhat on OS X.

While going at higher than usual speed for that release, I was listening to a few new CDs I've purchased this weekend from Amazon, one of which is by chance called "5th Gear" (by Brad Paisley), which fits really nicely with this work ;-)

I hope you can slow down a bit at times, even though this hot (yes, tropical heat is here in Vienna at the moment) new software is quite speedy :)
I hope we could fix some mistakes (#6 on "5th Gear"), so that you can find no software better than this (#11) for being online (#3)!

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