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Status page for GSoC project

I just got word that a Status page for our Google Summer of Code project has been created.

As I mentioned earlier, we have a project in this program entitled "Make SeaMonkey Not Suck As A News Reader", and Markus Hossner is working on this under supervision from Karsten Düsterloh.
The new status page lists all tasks that either Markus has started working on, or which are in various review processes or even fixed already. Karsten will update the page through the project period so we can track what is going on there.
Oh, please don't edit this page yourself, we know you have wishes, but if a bug is filed on those in Bugzilla, you can be pretty sure Karsten and Markus will pick them up as time and the project scope permit. Karsten has multi-year experience in probably all areas the SeaMonkey newsreader sucks in, we can be pretty sure they'll cover quite a few hot spots. And it's really nice to see which ones Markus is currently attacking.

I just hope we'll soon find a few green spots on this list :)

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from the USA

I hope it's going along well. I personally wouldn't say SeaMonkey's newsreader "sucks." I rarely use it anymore, because newsgroups are so full of spam. But it seemed adequate back when I used it.

I'm glad, though, that SeaMonkey got a student. Being how the Mozilla folks have been trying to dissuade people from using anything but the aviary programs, it was a pleasant surprise.
2007-07-06 21:28

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