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Updated SeaMonkey me®chandise!

But Yogurt, what is this place? What is it that you do here?

(from: Spaceballs - The Movie)

I've just updated the SeaMonkey Merchandising Shop with designs that feature the ® instead of the ™ sign, as our trademark have been officially registered for a while now.
Following a popular request, I've changed the golf shirt to have the logo only at the front and an empty back - I also added the www.seamonkey-project.org URL to the front logo there though.

I hope to see many people out there spreading the word through this official SeaMonkey merchandise.

Image No. 15497

We offer "SeaMonkey - the T-shirt", "SeaMonkey - the mug", "SeaMonkey - the mousepad" and others; unfortunately we can't offer "SeaMonkey - the flame thrower" yet - the kids would love it ;-)

May the Schwartz be with you!

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    Where is it?
    I can't see a link to the CafePress shop and couldn't find it either. Do I have serious visual problems?
    2007-07-06 18:48



    Oops, I should probably have linked it again in this entry ;-)

    Done now.
    2007-07-08 14:43

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