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Weekly Status Report, W26/2007

This week ended for me with spending lots of time helping on a local town festival and fixing up my laptop, but apart from that, here's a summary of SeaMonkey work I managed to do in week 26/2007 (June 25 - July 1):

Items where nothing happened this week but which I hope to to get some traction on again:

As a side note, I have been nominated for the Mozilla Foundation ED Search Committee, which will be working to find the next Executive Director for our official backing organization, the Mozilla Foundation. I feel honored by being nominated and hope to be able to serve the Mozilla community as a whole if I'll really can take part in that committee.

Entry written by KaiRo and posted on July 2nd, 2007 20:37 | Tags: L10n, Mozilla, SeaMonkey, Status | 3 comments


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    * Firefox 3 UI: location bar... could be interesting for SeaMonkey

    Well... I had ported the extension a while ago for Suiterunner, I believe I can do the same with a newer one.
    If I'd be more optimistic, I would say I would be able to port the patch.
    * xpfe cleanup:
    Still need to look into that again soon, but it might be easier now that I don't care if Camino breaks (it's "like Firefox", it can't depend on any xpfe stuff, right? :P ).


    PS: There's something strange with the comment preview... I can't get ride of the <quote>'s.
    Actually, I can't see any subsequent change I make on a preview after already have done it once.

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    2007-07-04 06:08



    Hmm, I probably need to check how preview works for anonymous posters...

    Anyways, <quote> is no valid HTML tag, you should use [quote] which is valid bbCode ;-) (fixed in your comment now)

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    2007-07-04 16:54


    it could be either cite or q, instead of quote.
    My mistake.

    <q>puts quotes</q>makes italic
    I'm not used to bbCode, but this way of quoting sounds nice ;).
    2007-07-04 21:22

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