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Weekly Status Report, W28/2007

Here's the summary of SeaMonkey work I did in week 28/2007 (July 9 - 15):

After recovering my recently broken laptop system, I dared to upgrade it to the openSUSE FACTORY distribution, which is the openSUSE for what we call "the trunk", i.e. the bleeding edge development version for the next release, which is openSUSE 10.3 in their case. They are near to 10.3 Alpha 6 right now (alpha6 doesn't feel too unfamiliar for this point in time), but from the short looks I got, this doesn't feel like an Alpha distribution at all, it's pretty decent actually. It looks like openSUSE 10.3 will be a great product, and worth upgrading also my servers to (which I had planned anyways).

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Florian Quèze

> Whoever hasn't realized it yet, creating tar/zip packages for any apps can be done via "make package" from the (objdir) toplevel directory nowadays. Be sure not to try a make in xpinstall/packager any more, there's no makefile left there.

The build documentation at http://www.mozilla.org/build/distribution.html still says to run gmake -C mozilla/xpinstall/packager in order to create a tarball.
2007-07-17 13:09



That doc is outdated and obsoleted in many more ways. And >I don't think many people will want to build a "Mozilla Distribution" nowadays. Build documentation is on devmo/MDC nowadays. Not sure if it's corrected there though, as the old variant is still valid on branch.
2007-07-17 13:44

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