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Weekly Status Report, W29/2007

Another week fully loaded with work is behind us, even though I managed to take a full day off this weekend ;-) Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I did in week 29/2007 (July 16 - 22):

As I got so good results with openSUSE FACTORY on my laptop, I also upgraded my main machine to it, and it almost feels more stable than openSUSE 10.2, even though it still is in an Alpha mode. Probably some of the newly found stability comes from opening my computer case though, as in a closed state the video card was too poorly cooled (it uses passive cooling by utilizing the air flow from the CPU fan), which was the reason for a few graphics hangs lately when we had that tropical air blown up from Africa right here to Central Europe.
The 2.6.22 kernel provides me with CPU core temperatures from the coretemp module, which I like anyways, and the rest of the system feels much more mature than expected and works really well. I'm sure openSUSE 10.3 will be a great distro to work on and I'm looking forward to also using it on my servers when it goes final :)

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