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A Big "Danke!" to Our Community

You might have heard about the recent Firefox and Thunderbird releases and from what vulnerabilities they state, adding the nasty mailto: problem of SeaMonkey itself, you might have guessed that another release of our suite might follow shortly.

The truth is that we just got the fix for that last vulnerability into the tree yesterday, I did tag the tree for 1.1.4 immediately, spin the builds over night, and we are into testing today.

Why I'm posting right now is that this evening, we got two complete smoketest runs on Windows and one on Linux already, all three by German community members; and in the directories I have been readying for the release on Mozilla's FTP staging server, we have - next to the official English Windows, MacOS X and Linux i686 builds - already contributed builds for Linux x86_64 (by an Australian community member) and OS/2 (by another German community member) as well as my German langpack, win32 zipfile and Linux tarball - and win32 installer, contributed by yet another German community member!

It's really, really great to see this great worldwide community at work, and sometimes it's overwhelming how active the German-speaking part of it is.
And that's all in addition to our developers from the United Kingdom, the USA, once again Germany, Sweden, and lots of other countries, the localizers that allow us to have SeaMonkey available in 17 languages at the moment (with even more to come), people working on extensions, reporting bugs, and of course the high number of users.

A big "Danke!" to everyone who makes all this happening. It's so cool to be part of this community - and you all are the cause of this great feeling I get when sometimes sitting back and looking at everything that's going on here.
Thanks once again. You rock!

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