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Icons for SeaMonkey windows needed

While the SeaMonkey project itself has proven itself as a mature community that can do quite well, and we even get better and better with our migration to the "new toolkit", some code parts lag a bit behind, like those targeted by my bug bounty program. But there are also other areas that need help, one of which is artwork.

There's a long-standing open bug report around on one area where we badly would need someone to help us out: we need new icons for all our application windows.

This might sound like an easy task, but there's quite some rules to follow, which makes this hard work - and we need a bit over a dozen different icons!
Those are the requirements we have for those icon designs:
If those requirements don't intimidate you and you feel you have enough artistic talent and icon design knowledge as well as want to contribute some work to the SeaMonkey project, then please create some preview designs (a selection of icons, including at least browser and mail in 16x16 and 32x32 versions), post them as an image somewhere publicly on the web and inform us in the SeaMonkey development newsgroup/mailing list!
Once we arrive at a design we all like, it'll be time to work on the full set and go to the bug report, but before that, the newsgroup is a better idea.

Oh, and if you need a SVG version of our logo to work on such icon designs, please contact me at kairo-at-kairo-dot-at or on IRC - we're still waiting on getting a trademark policy up before we will publicly put up such a SVG image.

I know the target for such icons is pretty high, but I hope we'll get someone to provide them and vastly improve the look of SeaMonkey 2 :)

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    Renzo Arenaza

    from Peru

    Hello Kairo, i know that there are some icons that can help you, i don't know if you know about them or if you can use them, but i hope you can. Because i find this icons great for Seamonkey.

    Link: http://iconpacks.mozdev.org/packs/orbit-colours.html
    2007-09-02 20:57



    The problem is that those don't follow all the guidelines I pointed out above - apart from the licensing being unclear to me.
    2007-09-03 15:27

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