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KaiRo.at Announces Bug Bounty Program

I've been thinking about this project for some time, and working on it behind the scenes for a few weeks now - finally it's ready to be announced publicly:

The KaiRo.at Bug Bounty Program is being launched today!

This program, launched by KaiRo.at - Robert Kaiser IT-Services, aims to "encourage developers to get involved with SeaMonkey by rewarding them with some hard dollars for contributing important code to the SeaMonkey project", as stated on the program's pages.

The program is currently awarding a total of 2700 USD to work on a list of 7 critical bugs/features on the path to SeaMonkey 2, including dynamic UA spoofing and feed reading, as well as download manager, Lightning integration, page info, plugin finder and browser notifications. That's the current set of bug bounties for 2007, there's still a slight possibility that KaiRo.at may even extend this program though as we see fit. Any developer completing the work as described on the program's pages is eligible for the bug bounty assigned to the specific task.

I hope those bug bounties will be an additional motivating factor for people to work on those features for SeaMonkey, but also hope they will continue to stay with the project after completing those immediate tasks.

And here's a short Q&A about this program, to sum it up once again:

With that, happy hacking on an improved and much better than ever SeaMonkey 2 codebase!

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