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Progress on "Bug Bounty" items

It was nice to see a first patch for an item of the Bug Bounty Program just one day after announcing this program! :)

Daniel Brooks has picked up the page info improvements, and his newest patch looks really good. We're getting a reworked, more polished page info window with more functionality (without losing any compared to the old one, the forms and link tabs are still there) - oh, and this is probably the first part of SeaMonkey that will see some feeds support as well (by listing feeds available on the page).

Just a day and a half later, Teune van Steeg attached a first patch on another bug from this list, adding browser notifications / info bars to our software. This is an important feature for use with other code, and I'm happy to see something moving there as well.

Thanks to both contributors for picking up those items!

While nobody has started to work on it yet, I had some talk about feeds support on IRC: Robert Sayre (sayrer), who worked on toolkit's feed parser (which we should use), is willing to help anybody working on our code when questions arise, Myk Melez (myk), who did the Forumzilla extension, is willing to answer such questions as well. As there are two different ways of integrating feeds with mailnews out there (Thunderbird's and Forumzilla's), we got into some talk about that, but both our SeaMonkey mail owner Karsten Düsterloh and me think the Thunderbird solution of having them in special accounts is the cleaner solution, which we prefer.

I hope someone pick up this and the other items on the list soon, so that we see even more good progress for a better SeaMonkey 2.

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Barry Gilmour

from AUSTRALIA/W.A./Kimberley/HallsCreek

RSS Feeds
Is there something in the new toolkit that prevents continued-use of the Firefox-import extension "NewsFox"-tab/page/component/application in SeaMonkey?
I particularly like the way I can enter and remove feeds at-will, and only get the most recent number of headings etcetera that I nominate. It is very user-friendly, and given the restrictiveness of the Mail-News-client, would not it be nicer to leave RSS in the browser as an extension? We don't write to RSS do we?

Thunderbird has Lightning but is some-problem stopping SeaMonkey having a calendar?
I realize you are knee-deep in the fight, and that I am an outside interested-observer, but would such functions and features be easier handled as extensions, that can easily be added or removed, given the speed of development and deprecation of modern Internet functions?

By the way, Robert - Just a comment re:- Composer-2007-08-13.
Development on the interface has removed most of the toolbar icon control, but kept pretty-nearly all function in places like main file-menu etcetera, but the "text-color-highlight" function, has been deprecated-completely, and as far as I search, is not in any menu. Is text-highlight-discontinuance a permanent change?
Keep up the top-shelf work!
Barry Gilmour.
2007-08-14 08:26


from USA, Connecticut

Bug 381157 – Make SeaMonkey download manager...
Hi, I'm interested in migrating the download manager to mozStorage. Since I'm new to SeaMonkey (as a developer anyway, I've been a user for a while) I'm looking for some guidance: Does it make sense to start by getting familiar with the back-end mozStorage part first or since (I assume) most of the work will ultimately involve the UI, would starting with that first make more sense? I was able to build SeaMonkey 2.0a1pre on win32 successfully. Now, I'm just starting to learn by digging into the toolkit and reading the documentation about build system.
2007-08-15 18:47

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