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Weekly Status Report, W31/2007

I could get done some interesting things done this week - here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related issues I worked on in week 31/2007 (July 30 - August 5):

I tied to increase the frequency of blog posts to not only have status reports - I hope this is helpful even in the holiday season. Of course, one never knows about that...

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from www.fineonly.com

FF3 Right Click -> View Page Info - NO LINKS
I almost had a heart attack when I saw this. This is the first place I found that lets me to leave a feedback thats more or less on the topic.
The web is all about links. Links are arguably the most important Info on a page. At my work I depend on Right Click -> View Page Info -> Links. Please, please put the Links back to the Page Info.
2007-08-06 20:37

James Napolitano

We had lots of talk about this - we want to turn to toolkit's login manager, but mailnews still needs wallet, mainly because login manager misses an interface it needs.

Is it possible to convert mailnews to satchel and the newer autocomplete?
2007-08-09 23:09



The SeaMonkey implementation will keep the "Links" tab.

satchel is just formfill, I don't think that mailnews uses or needs that. For autocomplete, this topic is orthogonal. Currently, mailnews still needs xpfe autocomplete, but that one has been tweaked in a way that it supports most or all of what toolkit autocomplete does, as we needed that for satchel, which works fine in SeaMonkey trunk now.
2007-08-10 14:00


Link Tab
I have to say, I never understand WHY Firefox crew removed Links Tab in Page Info
They wants firefox be a Dumb Browser for Dump Peoples? They make a mistake, then.
I think what if Seamonkey absorb usefulnes of new Page Info, but keep power features of old - when Seamonkey can somehow gain advantage against Firefox
Firefox is Popular Browser? Okey, Seamonkey is Professional Browser.
2007-08-15 00:10


Quote of KaiRo:
The SeaMonkey implementation will keep the "Links" tab.
This is besides the point. I don't care what Mercedes does I want to keep driving my Volkswagen. It goes against the usability principles; this principle precisely: never ever take away from users and this one: If you have to take something away - give back an equvivalent replacement.
Then you take look at the newly screwed-up download manager... and then you hear about attempts to prematurely kick out Thunderbird out of mozilla's nest.
Makes you wander what kind of monster is mozilla baking for?
2007-09-06 12:44

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