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New Proposed SeaMonkey Window Icons

A few weeks ago I requested new SeaMonkey window icons, and I'm glad that someone found the time to really work on those and came up with really good proposals. With spinello, we have an experience icon designer on board, who already did some quite nice work for different Mozilla-related projects over at Add-Ons Mirror.

And here's the current state of the proposed new icons:
Image No. 17105

There's also a image of all available sizes along with the respective window names, see also the forum thread on Add-Ons Mirror.

It's still a bit undecided which of the two variants we'll take for the error ("JS") console, and there might be a few smaller changes still until they go into the tree and will be our official set for SeaMonkey 2, but we quite like those icons for the most part. If you have any comments or feedback on the icons, please direct them to the "Icons for SeaMonkey windows needed" thread on the SeaMonkey development newsgroup.

Thanks to spinello for the great work on that very noticeable improvement we'll have in place for SeaMonkey 2!

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    Re: New Icons
    The new icons look good, except for the green sperm swimming upstream. There are three versions of it: by itself, with a check mark and with a magnifying glass. Maybe by either making it less rounded at the top, and/or by giving it a book-like square background could help.
    2007-09-27 20:54


    The old icons are nice. These new ones looks like nightmare.

    2007-09-28 10:38

    Gerd Steffens

    icons für seamonkey 2.0
    Für meinen Geschmack sind die zu poppig, aber das scheint eine Altersfrage zu sein. Wenn ich denn überhaupt Icons einschalte (ich bevorzuge text-only), nehme ich classic.
    Gerd Steffens
    2007-09-29 21:01


    Re: New Icons
    Great idea to finally make new icons, yet IMHO they don't match well the original SM icon. Both the selected colors and shapes are different. As for colors, you might get some tips on at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_theory (green and brown don't go well with blue).
    2007-10-03 11:21


    from Visitor816

    I have visited your site 763-times
    2007-10-06 16:29


    Not my taste
    I dislike these icons. I think the Firefox and Opera icons are much better taste and professional. I suggest starting from scratch for both logo and icons. Maybe working together with the folks who created the Firefox icons would be a good start.
    2007-10-23 13:07

    Eyal Rozenberg

    New icons terrible!
    Difficult to make out what's in each icon even with the size you have on the website. Very poor contrast. Better stick with the old icons for now, I'm using trunk and I just can't find my mailnews window among the rest of them.
    2008-01-08 00:38

    Paul B

    from USA

    Something I worked on...
    If you're interested I just completed this logo/icon series ( http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=73466 ) for fun and I'm up for working with the SeaMonkey project. Contact me via email.
    2008-01-13 01:34


    from Switzerland

    Too coarse
    In my desperate search for a replacement for the good old Mozilla icons, I stumbled upon these. While I like the coloring scheme, the shapes seem rather clumsy to me (negatively reminding me of windows 3.1 or such). I'd prefer just more filigree shapes.
    @Paul B.: I find your "Sea Monkey" icons absolutely thrilling! But I'm afraid that ship has sailed long ago, and the "shrimp" won't give way by now.
    2008-03-27 17:27

    Anonymous guest

    Sorry, but these new icons really don't look nice. Just some plain icons like Firefox 2 would be nice. Also, make a smaller version of them, as the current ones take up to much space. Something similar to the 'Use small icons' option in Firefox.

    Also, I think users should have more control with the toolbar buttons.Firefox allows users to drag & drop buttons as they please. SeaMonkey should implement this function.
    2008-10-15 18:38

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