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Sea-Monkeys living in a SeaMonkey team member's room!

As I told in the last status report, I got a Sea-Monkeys set for my birthday. So, in the last days, I tried to start breeding what I think are the first living Sea-Monkeys in the SeaMonkey project team.

Image No. 17098

In looking what our suite's name is derived from, I have read a lot about how those pets are grown and how to care for them, it's interesting to get some first-hand experience now. :)
I heard many stories of children being disappointed because those animals don't look like their counterparts in the ads for those sets, but I knew I wouldn't fall into that trap, as I already know they look different.
Unfortunately, the promise of them hatching instantly couldn't hold true in my set as well though, I didn't see anything but dots that supposedly are food and tiny eggs - no wiggling tiny things that looked like they'd live. I guess that would be another thing that would disappoint children...

Anyways, today, about 48 hours after putting in those "instant live eggs", I could actually see some about 1mm long wiggling things more or less swimming around in the tank.

Image No. 17100 Image No. 17103

The really tiny things are hard to photograph, but I'm told they'll grow fast in the first few days. The baby Sea_monkeys are there for sure though, and I curious how the'll continue to grow bigger. I'll add new photos from time to time to my Sea-Monkeys gallery, check back there if you are interested in their growth. I'll also post here again when I have some better photos.

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