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SeaMonkey 2.0a1pre trunk nightlies switch profile location again

Here's a notification for all SeaMonkey nightly testers: We have just done a switching of profile locations for SeaMonkey 2.0a1pre trunk nightlies (Linux, Windows and OS/2, Mac stays unchanged).

See the "Moving Profiles from mozilla.org to Mozilla" wikimo page for detailed information on this.

We're actually only changing "mozilla.org" back to "Mozilla" in the profile path, so that SeaMonkey profiles will be, as requested a lot by testers, be back in parallel to the ones for other Mozilla-based applications again.

You should be able to just move or copy the profile to the new location and continue to use it, it might help in some cases to do the additional edits as described in the wiki document.

For Linux, we even have a script available from the wiki page that should do this all for you.

Note that this is only needed if you have been testing trunk "2.0a1pre" nightlies and valuable information in the profile for that version.
Users that don't have done such testing will be able to migrate their profiles from SeaMonkey 1.x to SeaMonkey 2 with our profile migration tool, but normal users should probably not test those pre-Alpha testing-only nightly versions for daily use, they are mere technology previews.

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    from DR

    seamonkey 2.0 migration tool doesnt launch on MAC
    I tried installing version 2.0 from my version 1.1.18 seamonkey but the migration wizard did not launch and I can not launch it manually on a MAC OS X 10.56 how can it be done please?
    2009-10-28 02:38

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