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SeaMonkey Default Home Page, Reloaded

I just updated the default home page of SeaMonkey to be more helpful to normal users and also warn anyone who is using old versions so that they hopefully upgrade to newer, more secure SeaMonkey versions.

This should hopefully make a more polished impression on SeaMonkey users and at the same time provide a reminder to people who are using insecure, old versions and might have turned off our update notification feature.

All dynamic on this page is done via JavaScript, but users who deactivate JS will just see the same page as someone using the current stable release is seeing. All other variants are triggered by the respective user agent strings that unstable or old versions or even non-SeaMonkey browsers (who are unlikely to see this page) have.

If you have any further questions or comments on this page, please post them to the SeaMonkey support group/list.

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