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The Day of Unused Architecture Landings

Some interesting patches have landed today (European time) in SeaMonkey land, with them all having one thing in common: They provide new architecture that is not used yet.

First, there's the extended toolkit prefwindow for SeaMonkey preferences, which is the architecture to build a SeaMonkey-style preferences window with the <prefwindow>, <prefpane>, <preferences> markup known from the "new toolkit". This work has been done by Karsten (Mnyromyr) and is cool because we can enter the new preferences world without giving up the look we and our users have grown to expect and like. Now the work to get the SeaMonkey pref panels actually use it can begin.

Second, the patch for notificationbox ("info bar") support in the SeaMonkey browser has landed, which also is a part of toolkit infrastructure we have now picked up - but we have no code yet that makes such notifications coming up. The ideal way to get the most important ones would be a global implementation in toolkit that could be used in any place that needs typical browser notifications. Thanks Teune (twanno) for getting this first step done and also working on folloups.

A third patch for not yet used infrastructure has been done by me, actually - and that one's for ChatZilla source L10n. And no, we can't build other than English versions of ChatZilla from the source yet. The basic structure changes are there though, all that's left now is to detect if a localization is supported and available, use it, or still fall back to the default English version, which is the next step I will work on. I'll still need to invent some magic for that, but the rest of the code and restructuring around it is there.

Oh, and in global code, the malware blocking code for Gecko has landed, which AFAIK does also not surface yet, as we don't have a list of malware sites that it would block yet - or that is, SeaMonkey doesn't, maybe Firefox does get it somehow with the same mechanism that is also used for their phishing protection.

So, those are interesting times for SeaMonkey developers, we get more and more good tooling to work - we just need to start using it as well :)

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