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Goals For SeaMonkey 2 - My View

Some of you might know that the SeaMonkey team is working hard on something called "SeaMonkey 2" (sometimes dubbed "suiterunner") and of which some pre-alpha testing versions are floating around. Every now and then questions come in about something someone has heard about this magic piece of software that we believe to solve all problems of this world. OK, OK, yes, I'm exaggerating here: not the whole world, probably not even all problems of SeaMonkey 1.x - but we're trying to fix as many problems as possible, and surely some very big improvements will be made in that version.

If that was the only goal for us, we probably would never be able to release this "SeaMonkey 2", as there's always room for further improvements. So, I'm trying to summarize my view of what goals we want or need to meet for that big milestone in the project:
As huge as some of those goals might look, we've already managed to go a major step of the way for most of them, and I'm pretty confident we can manage to meet the vast majority of them almost completely. If you're interested in a target date for releasing this major overhaul of our all-in-one internet suite, the only thing I can tell you right now is "when we are satisfied we have met all the gaols we have in mind for SeaMonkey 2". Oh, and that it won't be sooner than the first stable release of Gecko 1.9, which will be the Firefox 3 release. We need this stable base to build upon, so we at least need to wait for that. I still think our release will once again lag behind the major Firefox release, but we'll see how fast we will be in fulfilling the goals we have set up for ourselves.

We'll probably do an Alpha when we're far enough on all the tasks that we can encourage testing by a broad audience, and we'll go into beta when have the feature set completed and only stabilizing and cleanup work is left. Until then, those of you who dare to possibly test unstable, not completely working code and have good backups of their private data so that possible damage to it is no problem, can test our trunk nightly builds. They meet a good subset of the goals above already, but are very experimental and not for the faint of the heart - esp. not for daily use by normal users - yet. Still, as you can guess from the list in this post, we're working on creating a pretty exciting piece of software here. :)

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Ricardo Palomares

from Madrid, Spain

A very solid manifesto for SM 2

I must cheer the SM Council for your work, in general, and for this sort of manifesto about what to expect for SM 2 in particular. I especially like your view about being conservative when changing defaults and doing them in a progressive way (compared to other software I know, namely NetBeans, your view is far more sensible to me).

If only I had been able to progress in my L10n tool as fast as you're doing with SM 2, so we could use it to replace MT... (shame on me).
2007-10-25 19:30

Mel Thompson

from Pleasant Hill, California

Gret Pre-Load On Puppy Linux
Thanks for all your great work.

Not sure why, but Seamonkey seems to work really great on Puppy.

The interface seems a bit different, and it's super fast.

And, being a newbie, it was great to discover the Composer window.
I was able to do my snail mail letters wile surfing about to jazz
stations in another window.

It works fantastic off the Puppy live disk.

By the way, the name of the browser is the coolest.

Thanks again from all of us.
2007-12-02 12:56


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